[Theora] Stream Test (again) - illiminable

Robert Smith rob at visonair.tv
Wed Apr 26 14:38:20 PDT 2006

> I just had another play with it... and i'm seeing similar jumpiness. 
> <snip>
Bandwidth should be OK, the servers are hosted in fast data centers... so 
must be one of the other points.

> 1) There are data packets in the same pages as header packets. <snip>
Fixed.. Thanks

> 2) Pages consisting only of header packets must have granule pos zero.
Fixed (I think - related to (1))

> 3) Continuation flags where there are no previously truncated packets
Dont know what is causing this, but may be caused by (1), I am letting 
libogg do all of the page packing anyway.

> The other issue it looks like it has is the coarse muxing problem.
I have changed the MUXing part to flush pages after either 30 packets 
queued, or more than 1 seconds worth of data (on either stream).

After compiling my new encoder the stream sounds and looks perfect now. 
(Playing for about 15 minutes now without a single audio break) - Plays 
better in other players too!

Thanks for your input Zen, it really helped! Would you mind doing another 
"compatability test" on my stream? (http://www.visonair.tv/)  (btw: The 
illiminable codec pack is fantastic!)


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