[Theora] Stream Test

Robert Smith rob at visonair.tv
Thu Apr 6 12:21:04 PDT 2006

Hmmmm, im having problems working out what is causing the problem that 
oggz-validate complains about (Packet out of order).  It only complains if I 
have more than one stream in the ogg file (ie: audio and video).  It 
complains more often if I call ogg_stream_flush (for testing) after each 
frame of audio and video so I am guessing its related to ogg-paging.

Any suggestions as to what can cause this? I am starting to wonder if its 
actually oggz-validate that isnt handle 2 streams in an ogg file properly as 
I am using the standard libogg and libvorbis libraries, as well as 



--- snip ---
> oggz-validate complains about the packet ordering; you might want to
> look at that.

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