[Theora] Stream Test

Robert Smith rob at visonair.tv
Wed Apr 5 12:39:00 PDT 2006


Seeing as other people are posting streams to test, the system I have been 
developing has an Ogg/Vorbis/Theora stream that you can watch.  I would 
appreciate any feedback to what players can play it and which players have 
problems.  (I am using Icecast as the streaming server)

So far I have found VideoLan plays the stream very well.  MPlayer was ok, 
but wasn't as good at buffering.  The Java Player from flumotion played ok 
sometimes (although there is some nasty tearing on the image when its 
re-drawing fast-motion video)

You can find the stream to test at http://www.visonair.tv - click "Watch 
Now" and choose the stream for VideoLan.  (The website is (or will be) an 
internet based open access TV channel.)

Any input would be useful.


Rob Smith 

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