[Theora] Quicktime 2 Theora Transcoder's Nano-Howto

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Thu Sep 29 07:30:25 PDT 2005

After a bunch of cumbersome testing I was able to transcode a Quicktime 
MOV file to OGG with theora and Vorbis. The method's a bit fumbly, but 
it works... It is automatable except for the initial audio decoding.

Software used: Xine, oggenc, ffmpeg, ffmpeg2theora, oggzmerge

Step 1: Get the video out of Quicktime

ffmpeg -i infile.mov -b 5000 -f mpeg2video outfile.mpg

Step 2: Get the video into theora

ffmpeg2theora -v 3 outfile.mpg

Step 3: Get the audio out of Quicktime

xine infile.mov
(Select 'File' for audio output plugin and play the whole clip once)

Step 4: Get the audio into Vorbis

oggenc -q -1 --downmix xine-out.wav

Step 5: Merge the results to the finished video

oggzmerge outfile.mpg.ogg xine-out.ogg -o outfile.ogg

Hope this is helpful to someone... Improvements welcome.


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