[Theora] Jumpy Video

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Thu Sep 29 02:07:16 PDT 2005


I tried two theora experiments lately... One encoding a Quicktime MOV
file using ffmpeg2theora and one using Thoggen.

Both times I had a very jumpy result... The thoggen-encoded DVD would 
'jump' every half second or so, as if there was a slight, perhaps 20ms 
pause. Audio would remain synced though.

The quicktime file would jump even more, being reduced to looking like a
crisp 2fps video in fast forward. (Already dicussed this with J on
#theora, he wasn't able to reproduce... Tried ffmpg2theora versions .13
and .15., libtheora alpha4 and libtheora alpha4-mmx)

Anybody else experience anything similar? I'm running a Debian
Sarge/DeMuDi machine.

Help very much appreciated.


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