[Theora] Other extension for Ogg Theora then "ogg"

pat cito oggtheora at yahoo.com
Tue May 10 06:55:17 PDT 2005

--- Alen Ladavac <alenl-ml at croteam.com> wrote:
> So, until Longhorn starts driving on the right side
> (what is not going to
> come for at least one more year, mind you! and even
> then,

Sorry but theora hasn't been released either yet. I
guess longhorn will be released a few months after
theora. And by the time people start using Theora on
their website or so  I guess longhorn will be there

> users are not
> going to just jump over like crazy - ms software
> costs money, remember?),

they might cost money but nobody pay for them. People
get windows with their computer. If you already have
one at home, you'll just need to get a cracked copy
for free like slashdotters do ;) or install linux like
me, people usually don't do video encoding at work so
that doesn't really matter.

> we need a solution. Whoever is uninterested in it
> doesn't have to participate.
> But don't be counter productive, please....
I don't think calling theora devs counterproductive is
really productive neither... 
By the way, if you want to give it a different
extension, go for it. Windows users won't get confused
if theora files have different extensions as windows
hides extensions by default so they won't notice the
difference, right?



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