[Theora] very bad sync in splayer (using libportaudio)

david kment davidkment at web.de
Mon May 9 07:57:18 PDT 2005

hi folks!

i am new to this list (i am even new to mailing lists at all), so i hope this works...

i tried out all 3 SDL-based theora sample players, and i found the one using libportaudio best.

the only thing: it has very bad sync problems, sometimes the video stops for about 10 seconds, and after beeing in sync again, audio stops while video is playing...

tested on win2ksp4, using original libportaudio from portaudio.com, since it didn't work for me with the files supplied....

btw (off-topic): will work on Tarkin codec be continued, or is it abandoned?

thanks in advance!

best regards,


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