[Theora] Video and audio not in sync

Sal Valente svalente at mit.edu
Sun May 1 00:46:00 PDT 2005

Someone wrote:

> did you try gstreamer? you can try the attached script 
> ./gst2ogg input.mpeg output.ogg

Thanks.  But gstreamer also lost the sync at 160 seconds (like

Someone else wrote:

>> It appears that mencoder does what I need, but unfortunately, mencoder
>> doesn't encode to any interesting codecs. 
> Is that a problem?  Output to some lossless codec (or very high bitrate
> MPEG-2, etc.), then encode from that file into theora.

Ah ha.  That works sometimes.  "mencoder $file -ovc lavc -lavcopts
vcodec=ljpeg -oac copy -o mencoder.avi" generates a giant correct
fixed-fps avi file.  Oddly, "ffmpeg2theora mencoder.avi" doesn't quite
work.  It generates a .ogg file where the video starts a second after
the audio, so the whole thing is out of sync right from the beginning.
But "theora-encoder mencoder.avi" (avi -> yuv -> example_encoder)

Thanks for your help.

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