[Theora] troll or truth ?

Markus Meyer meyer at mesw.de
Tue Mar 22 13:56:23 PST 2005

Ole Tange schrieb:

>>a) Xiph never claimed that Theora is patent-free. It is not patent free.
>So the quote: "Virtually every single patented algorithm used in mpeg*
>codecs is also used in theora." is correct.
Yes, but that's about the only quote from that mail that's correct. He 
also says "They [the Theora Developers] claim it it is 
non-patent-encumbered and thus 'more free'." He must be mixing this up 
with Vorbis....

I think Richard shows a behaviour which I have also seen with many 
people using pirated software. He says "I use MPEG4 and not Theora 
despite I know that I have no right to use it". That's about as sensible 
as saying "I use (a pirated copy of) Microsoft Office and not OpenOffice 
despite I know that I have no right to use it". This is an attitude 
which may work for most people, but it does not question the motives 
behind trying to create a "truly" free video codec.


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