[Theora] Attempts at live streaming (long)

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Tue Jun 14 02:54:31 PDT 2005


> Fluendo

(small correction - the server is called "Flumotion")

>  seems to be the easiest way to stream but from what I can see it
> only works if your capture card is on the same machine as the server.

I assume that by server you mean "the machine doing the actual HTTP
streaming".  This is not correct - Flumotion makes it *very* easy to
distribute every task in the streaming process across machines - it's
one of the reasons why it was written.

Basically, you:

a) start up a manager on either of two machines
b) start up a worker on both the encoding and streaming machine
c) fire up the wizard, and choose the capturing and encoding steps on
the encoding worker, and the streaming steps on the streaming worker.

As an example, see
http://www.flumotion.net/doc/flumotion/presentation/pycon2005/html/img16.html for a picture that shows (more or less) the setup we use for our demo streams.

> Someone correct me if I'm wrong but it can't stream via a remote Icecast
> server.

We have some sample code that does this, but it needs some finishing.

>  So it won't work as I only have 256kbps uplink from the encoding
> machine.

It will work - flumotion can definately do the capturing and encoding at
one place and the streaming at another.  It wouldn't even claim to be a
streaming server if it couldn't :)

Consider giving flumotion another try, and feel free to tell us what we
can do better so that it's more obvious that every part of the process
is distributed the way you want, so we can communicate that better.

Also, drop by in #fluendo on irc.freenode.org for more hands-on help.


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