[Theora] Theora Optimisation

Colin Ward colin.a.ward at csiro.au
Wed Jan 19 20:26:29 PST 2005

   Hi everyone.

   I have ported Theora to Symbian OS and am now in the process of 
trying to increase my maximum playback speed.  I have done a few 
Assembly Language optimisations such as my YUV -> RGB routine and some 
blitting routines, but they constitute such a small amount of the total 
CPU time being used that they only made about 1 FPS difference.  I am 
currently running 208 x 176 video at about 10.5 FPS and I am aiming for 
about 15 FPS.

   Can anyone point out some routines which could be considered as "low 
hanging fruit," which would benefit from Assembly Language 
implementation?  From prior experience I would think that the Ogg 
bitstream routines, the motion compensation routines and the DCT 
routines would be a good start.

   I unfortunately don't have access to a profiler at the moment, which 
makes it difficult for me to figure these things out for myself.

   Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Colin Ward
Aida Senior Sofware Engineer
CSIRO, Australia

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