[Theora] v4l audio

James Clark james at weno.net
Sat Dec 31 10:55:23 PST 2005

Hello all - 

I'm out of my element with multimedia, can anyone point me in the right

I've a pchdtv-3000 card I am trying to record from.  I can successfully
record audio/video using streamer or watch television with audio using
tvtime, so I know the audio is there.  

I want to record directly to theora.  I am trying to do so using
ffmpeg2theora like so:

ffmpeg2theora --v4l /dev/video0 -o test.ogg

This records video but no audio.  

Should I be able to do this? Do I need to stream the audio separately? 

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! 

- James Clark 
  james at weno.net

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