[Theora] tools to edit vorbis/theora/speex comments & icecast server adding arbitrary comments

Ben Bogart bbogart at ryerson.ca
Fri Dec 16 07:45:26 PST 2005

Hi Mihamina, 

Indeed I'm looking for the same thing. 

I've looked at CMML/Annodex which looks very promising for what it is, but total overkill (and overly complex) to simply add meta-data (comments) to arbitrary ogg/theora/vorbis/speex (does speex have different comments then vorbis?)

Does anyone have any simple C code that can just retreive and set arbitrary meta-comments in theora/speex/ogg files?

Ideally a python API to do this...

I'll keep messing with CMML, but its so huge and not really designed for what I want. What if there was something similar @ Xiph that just embeds unified arbitrary comments into the start of an extra track in an ogg file? Then the codec's used would no longer be an issue of unifiying. or just make threora comments compatible with vorbis comments since its not yet so well adopted...?

Also what are the abilities of the icecast2 server for modifying meta-data? Are only "genre" and "artist" comments preserved, or do any comments added via the XML configuratoins end up in the streamed files?


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> Hi,
> I have multiple ogg/theora files, with different bitrate. That is the
> big problem, because I want to broadcast them using 
> ezstream/icecast and
> the connection 

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