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Aaron Whitehouse lists at whitehouse.org.nz
Sun Aug 21 17:02:15 PDT 2005

Apologies to all,

Had I received Ralph's message prior to my message I wouldn't have
posted. At least it seems that I was not too far from the mark.

Thanks for clearing it up,


Ralph Giles wrote:
> and we have generally felt that licensing our reference implementations
> under a BSD license to encourage the broadest possible adoption of free
> formats is a more important goal.
> We do generally use the GPL for our application software, however. A 
> new multimedia format lives and dies by the quality of its tool support, 
> and this is a place where it is most effective to out-code proprietary 
> offerings. The protections of the GPL are useful at the application
> level for all the reasons you cite. (Not that we as Xiph have done a 
> great job with tools, but others are starting to, as you've noticed.)
> Finally, we do claim Theora and our other names as trademarks, and 
> will defend them against non-conforming implementations. This does a
> lot to prevent the sort of confusion that could lead users to adopting
> a poised fork of the standard, while still providing for the right to 
> fork under a different name in support of the goals of Software Freedom.
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