[Theora] libtheora-1.0alpha5 release

Ralph Giles giles at xiph.org
Sat Aug 20 13:14:19 PDT 2005


I've made a new release of our libtheora reference implementation. This 
draws a line under all the development since alpha 4 before we start 
merging in the optimization work people have been doing. It also 
contains a fix for two serious bugs (one an encoding error, one a
segfault) so we recommend everyone upgrade. The release is source and 
binary compatible with 1.0 alpha 4.

Thanks to everyone whose work made this release possible!

Download links:


As always, you can insert .eu, au, or us. in the url after 'downloads.' 
to access a more local mirror.

Updated API documentation and spec:


SHA-1 checksums:

  8e740ccd7219861de83ac17ecceb13c02ed7e24a  libtheora-1.0alpha5.tar.bz2
  5e77de8ab428a203df4a680a078146429d190120  libtheora-1.0alpha5.tar.gz
  be9867d7fe777a9ef413ae95f2b9608885f9bfe5  libtheora-1.0alpha5.zip

MD5 checksums:

  41940562932a8b7bf795d79e4190b21a  libtheora-1.0alpha5.tar.bz2
  5add710b80b1cd8f3db9867d1fc9d151  libtheora-1.0alpha5.tar.gz
  aa471d76d2c245407752935b20cfc67f  libtheora-1.0alpha5.zip

Change summary: (libtheora-1.0alpha5 released 2005 August 20)

 * Fixed bitrate management bugs that caused popping and encode
 * Fixed a crash problem with the theora_state internals not
   being intialized properly.
 * new utility function:
   - theora_granule_shift()
 * dump_video example now makes YUV4MPEG files by default, so
   the results can be fed back to encoder_example and similar
   tools. The old behavior is restored through the '-r' switch.
 * ./configure now prints a summary
 * simple unit test of the comment api under 'make check'
 * misc code cleanup, warning and leak fixes


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