[Theora] Ogg Theora: Some questions on codec interna

Gernot Ziegler gz at lysator.liu.se
Thu Sep 16 07:41:23 PDT 2004

Hejsan !

I am currently investigating new, more modern approaches to encoding video
with depth data based on my old data format MPEG Z/Alpha in

and became therefore interested in Ogg Theora, as an alternative to MPEG-4
encoding - what I would need is two video streams in one system stream
(is that the right terminology in Ogg ?), and decode them synchronously -
the "problem" is that the depth stream needs to be compressed on wavelet
basis, in DCT it looks pretty awful according to research (but I would
still test it).

Also, a working colleague of mine has recently presented High Definition
Range Video Encoding on SIGGRAPH, see
and he is looking for video format that is capable of encoding 12 bits.

Both of us are prepared to hack a bit inside the core of the encoder if
that is necessary and we get some code (_not_ coding ;) ) ) guidance from
the Theora developers :-)
(but I have to say that, at least for me, this is some loose idea still,
scheduled for some time after middle of January)

That's why I would need some more info on the codec internals, or someone
who can tell me how feasible this is - can you help me ? :-)


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