[Theora] Demo of using Theora under Windows

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Sat Sep 4 20:14:04 PDT 2004

Well my directshow filters (www.illiminable.com/ogg/) hope to be able to 
fulfil this goal.

Though they are a still a little way from acheiving it. There are some 
problems playing in some players which hasn't been resolved yet.

Though the majority of people have been sucessful, by installing these 
codecs... currently the major problem occurs only with window media player 9 
and 10... which unfortunately probably make up a large percentage of windos 
machines. But most people can install them and sucessfully play theora 
videos in an older version of wmp or a player like BSPlayer or MPC.

And yes, it would be nice to have this sorted by the time there is a theora 
beta.... now if only i could figure out how to put an extra 6 hours in every 
day it might get done more quickly :)


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> That sound like a good goal to meet along with the first beta release.
> John
> On Friday 03 September 2004 09:30 am, Ole Tange wrote:
>> I have read http://www.theora.org/theorafaq.html#42 This put quite a
>> burden onto the Windows-user - a burden that most Windows-users will not
>> be able to lift.
>> Has anyone made a webpage with a link to a theora-file that automatically
>> (or with a few clicks on Accept/OK) installs the needed codecs on a
>> unmodified Windows machine? (The links to theora-files on www.theora.org
>> does not do this, which is a shame).
>> I am afraid if this is not possible to do, then penetrating the
>> Windows-segement will be very hard indeed.
>> /Ole
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