[Theora] Ffdshow-20042003 Theora support fixed.

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Tue Oct 12 02:12:55 PDT 2004

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>>I'm new to A/V programing and Theora/Ogg but I'm interested in trying my
>>hand with something to familiarize myself with Xiph formats, so I have
>>been toying with the idea attempting to writing a program to convert the
>>ffdshow avi theora files to ogg as a learning exercise, and as my 1st
>>programing language is Fortran it should make the code very "interesting"<BG>.
>It would certainly be an exercise... but i think you'd find a lot of the effort taken up trying to do things that are pertty unrelated to the xiph codecs.

Thanks for the pointer, 
I thought I'd cut my teeth so to speak with the physical files first. 
I've had quite a lot of past experience programing experimental software
here at the Uni that gathers data in real time to 2 dimensional data sets
quite similar in fact to the way avi video files are stored. Once I feel 
comfortable with those I'll brace myself ready for Theora itself<BG>.

Thanks again for the hints.

Best Regards

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