[Theora] using recent theora under Linux

Ivan Popov pin at medic.chalmers.se
Sun Oct 10 03:09:32 PDT 2004


in case somebody wants to test Theora without compilation,
feel free to use konvalo.org's setup.

It includes mplayer with theora from svn 2004-09-21 with Wim Taymans'
mmx-patches from August 2004 applied
(there are mplayer and mplayer.theora-mmx, the latter with decoder
mmx-patches from VP3HoSwiYO)

and a theora-encoder script (a bit slower than ffmpeg2theora as it runs
several processes, but also a bit more universal)

The program names with a .reference suffix relate to the versions without
any mmx-related patches applied.

You will need a Coda client which is available at


(see http://www.konvalo.org/?pagename=Main.Software)

and then either run "/coda/konvalo.org/start" to get a shell session
with these programs in the PATH

or  "/coda/konvalo.org/start mplayer [args]"  and so on.

The first start will be slow as it fetches a lot of libraries,
but only the first time.

This works on any Linux distribution with a 2.6.x kernel.
The Coda client can be easily wiped out of the system at any time,
by running "coda-client-setup --unsetup".

Comments are welcome at <pin at konvalo.org>


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