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Eric Knisley erick at elumens.com
Mon Mar 22 13:17:37 PST 2004

I saw on /. that you guys are working on an improved version of VP3. We use
a customized ON2 codec for a lot of our movies. I create animation for our
VisionDome (see URL below), which means very large frames (up to QXGA) at
30fps; our movies often top 2GB in size, and they've gone up to 8.5GB.
They're all in plain old .avi format, believe it or not.

So far, our TruMotion codec is the only thing we've found that will allow
clean playback of such large frames, but we're always searching for
alternatives. I'd be very interested in checking out your new codec, once
it's ready for prime time. I'd be happy to help test it, too, if you need
such help. I'm constantly cranking out new animations. Thanks,

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