[theora] CVS decoder(?) broken + gentoo compilation problem

Andreas Heinchen andreas.heinchen at gmx.de
Sun Mar 7 13:48:35 PST 2004

Maik Merten schrieb:

> Andreas Heinchen wrote:
>> Maik Merten schrieb:
>>> Does it play back on your setup?
>> No. either xine or  exampleplayer are able to play it back. Also 
>> ogminfo fails. It seems that this stream is broken.
>> Here is one of my teststreams.  
>> http://xine.sourceforge.net/heinchen/trailer.ogg (506 k)
> Thank you for testing. It seems we´re not using the same theora version.
> trailer.ogg: Xiph.Org libTheora I 20031026 3 2 0
> test.ogg: Xiph.Org libTheora I 20040228 3 2 0
> Your file doesn´t work here. My file doesn´t work on your setup. Looks 
> like a bitstream-change :-) 

Yes you are right. I did a cvs up and got the same probs here. New 
encodes are now also larger than before.
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