[Theora] Theora file extension

Jon Doda jdoda
Wed Jun 16 13:07:47 PDT 2004

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Freun Laven wrote:
> From: "Jon Doda" <jdoda at sympatico.ca>
> If you reply, you need to be sure and add Theora at xiph.org to reply to
> the list.  Otherwise it just gets sent only to the person.

Sorry, I forgot that this list doesn't mangle the reply-to header.

Anyway, we're clearly talking at cross-purposes now.  All that my
original email was trying to convey was that the smart way to implement
new file extensions would be to add one (.ogv) that indicates the file
should be opened in a video player, and one (.oga) that indicates the
file should be opened in an audio player.  This allows the .ogg
extension to keep its current meaning, and makes everyone very happy.

My only other point was that you would, of course, also need two new
mime-types (video/x-ogg and audio/x-ogg) for these extensions to map to.
Otherwise most file managers would not be able to open files with
different extensions using different applications, because they only use
the extension to determine the mime-type of a file, and then use the
mime-type to determine which application to use.

I never said anything about new containers or new file formats or even
restrictive muxing guidelines, nor do I think any of those things would
be useful.  So, I'm not sure why we're arguing, since I can't find a
whole lot that we actually disagree about :).

Jon Doda

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