[Theora] Theora file extension

Nilesh Bansal bansal
Wed Jun 16 07:10:39 PDT 2004

Theora and Vorbis both uses same extension .ogg. I know ogg is a
container, just like avi. But in my opinion video and audio files should
have different extensions (using .ogv can be a nice idea).

To a media player it doesn't matter what extension a file uses, but to a
human who does a ls in a directory full of media files having different
extensions will help a lot. I know one can use file command to do that,
but we should not consider only geeks but also an average user.

theora and vorbis websites should clearly mention something like use .ogg
for audio and .ogv for video files.

thanks and regards,
Nilesh Bansal.

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