[Advocacy] Re: [Theora] OGG/OGM media container

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Wed Jul 7 00:47:43 PDT 2004

> Suppose while downloading a file, after half the download connection
> closes. I was easily able to play ogm, but with mkv i had to provide -idx
> switch to mplayer to make it seekable (so ogm is better than mkv in that
> sense). Simmiliarly what if while downloading file gets corrupt? I expect
> mplayer to skip corrupt frames and continue playing.

So maybe the default flag of MPlayer is wrong of the player b0rked. The 
problem you have in such case is that you don't have a seek table, so 
it's harder to seek in the file without that part of the file (but still 
very possible unlike AVI). IMO that should be detected automatically by 
the player. But semi-downloads like from eDonkey might have the part of 
the file but corrupted. That's a bit hard to read such files, even for 
OGG. But in the other hand OGG/OGM has no such seek capabilities, which 
makes it *always* hard to seek in the file (well known problem of OGM).

> Also, someone said mencoder can produce mkv files but I wasn't able to
> find a option (I installed mkvtoolsnix and recompiled mplayer, but
> mencoder -of help lists mpeg, avi and rawvideo only). No support for 
> encoding to Ogg(audio only) either (I don't know if oggenc provides a 
> library or not that mencoder can link to).

No, mencoder cannot create Matroska files, nor OGG.

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