[Theora] theora_info struct question

Eduard Kriegler kriegler
Mon Jul 26 04:23:48 PDT 2004


I'm evaluating Theora for a video communication system and would like some
info as to what the following struct members (from the theora_info structure)
do and what values one should pass to them:

If there is some documentation somewhere that I've missed, please direct me to

===== Extract from theora.h =====
int           quality;
int           quick_p;  /* quick encode/decode */

void *codec_setup;

/* encode only */
int           dropframes_p;
int           keyframe_auto_p;
ogg_uint32_t  keyframe_frequency;
ogg_uint32_t  keyframe_frequency_force;  /* also used for decode init to
get granpos shift correct */
ogg_uint32_t  keyframe_data_target_bitrate;
ogg_int32_t   keyframe_auto_threshold;
ogg_uint32_t  keyframe_mindistance;
ogg_int32_t   noise_sensitivity;
ogg_int32_t   sharpness;

#quality: 	I know that this can be used instead of specifying a target
bitrate, but what are the legal values and what do they do?

#quick_p: What is the legal values and what impact will this have on quality?

#keyframe_auto_threshold: What does this do?

#noise_sensitivity: How does this work and what are the legal values?

#sharpness: This isn't even specified in the example encoder. What does this

Thanks in advance!


Eduard Kriegler
Project Engineer
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
University of Stellenbosch
South Africa

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