[Theora] Independent implementations?

Maik Merten maikmerten
Wed Jul 14 09:52:53 PDT 2004

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Freun Laven wrote:
> The *patents* still apply, though.  That's different from copyright, which
> is tied to a specific implementation.  GNU, BSD, MIT, etc. are all copyright
> licenses tied to a specific code, and don't concern themselves with patents.

I?m aware of that.

> The guy was originally asking whether it was legal to do an independant
> version of Theora, since On2 held the vp3 patents.  And whether the license
> for the patents was tied to a specific implementation that you could only
> modify but never re-create from scratch.
> Since Theora is based on vp3, those patents still apply.

No doubt.

> I don't think
> any 'new' exclusive licensing terms were given to Xiph.

The "original" VP3-code (with some bugfixes I assume) is available in
Xiph SVN. This VP3-code comes with Xiph?s BSD-like license:


That?s why I think the VP3-license does not apply to Theora.

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