[Theora] trying to encode from dvd using mplayer

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Mon Dec 13 02:41:15 PST 2004

De: David Kuehling <dvdkhlng at gmx.de>
Date: 2004/12/13 lun. AM 11:04:19 GMT+01:00
À: oggtheora at yahoo.com
CC: theora at xiph.org
Objet: Re: [Theora] trying to encode from dvd using mplayer

I would really recommend changing some encoding parameters in the
sourcecode of `encoder_example.c' :


Especially with `sharpness=2' I get a *much* better quality at the usual
ripping bitrate (500-800kbit).  Wit this I usually manage to put more
than 150 minutes of DVD-resolution video onto a 700 Mb CD without
noticable artefacts (better than anything I achieved so far with
libavcodecs mepg4-codec).



Your tuning seems very interesting but I can not find ti.sharpness in encoder_example.c.
Do I have to add it to the file ?


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