[theora] OGM Container?

Samuel Torres juicemansam at scccd.org
Mon Nov 10 18:00:47 PST 2003

Ralph Giles wrote:

>On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 06:21:05PM +0100, soo at o2.pl wrote:
>>In many countries, a movie contains three parts: video, audio and 
>>subtitles. An OGM container supports all the streams, and it's 
>>possible to add another audio or video stream to it with ogmmerge. 
>>That is the difference between OGG and OGM. 
>To clarify, all of the above applies to the ogg extension as well. :)
> -r
Hi, long time "listener," first time "caller."

My questions about Ogg and OGM are: Is there a difference other than the 
name? I understand why Windows oriented people would want different 
extensions. I also know that the first tools created for making OGM 
files were based on modifications of the original Ogg source code.  I'm 
wondering if the actual methods used by OGM creating tools have strayed 
off what is planed for the official Ogg methods? Will the containers and 
their standards be identical, compatible, or incompatible?

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