[theora] Quality of vp3.2 codec?

Freun Laven FreunLaven at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 12 00:43:49 PST 2002

> Bitrate and quality are fairly closely related... when you compare
> codecs, you have to look at them together.

Well yes, but the quality:bitrate ratio doesn't always grow at the same
rates between codecs.  I'm not an expert, but I do know that much.  And
some are tuned for the low bitrate stuff.

(I readily admit I'm not an expert in video codecs.  I'm more of a 'try
it and see' type, and with my eyesight I can't always judge quality as
well as other people.)

> have not tested indeo 5 very much). VP3 lies together with divx, WM9,
> MPEG-4, Zygovideo etc... anyway, to cut a long story short, I consider

Really?  I wouldn't have thought that vp3 was not quite that modern in

I haven't actually done much with vp3, but since I couldn't find any
info on its quality on the Theora or vp3 site, I was sort of assuming it
was probably of about the same quality as the old Real G2 stuff or
perhaps slightly below that.  (In fact, I was thinking that perhaps the
G2 was based on vp3, since the web site does say Real & Apple licenced
it from them.)

I figured that if it was really that great, the Theora web site would be
quick to show how it compares to other formats.  And since they hadn't,
I assumed that the main thing it had going for it was it being open
source, with no other advantage.

> codecs and settings... I am more interested in playing around with
> codecs than with copying movies)... I use the quicktime component, and

[grin]  I know a number of people who feel that way about their computer
hardware or about their general system layout & OS.  They spend more
time playing than doing anything.  It keeps them happy.

> VP3 does fall down, however, is with scenes with fairly high action.
> VP3 does not give enough data to the scenes with high action, so it
> gets very blocky very quickly (it produces 8x8 blocks of solid
> colour).. even so, most codecs have trouble with high action scenes,
> and, for the most part, it is not too bad.

So you are saying that, as a whole, vp3 has more or less trouble with
high action scenese than the other modern codecs you mentioned?

Definetly not something you'd want to encode a hockey game with...[grin]

<p>> Generally, I prefer VP3 to pretty much every other codec that is
> available, except in certain high motion scenes.

That's nice to hear.

If it's that good, maybe Theora actually has a future, rather than just
being some novelty that nobody would ever actually use.

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