[theora-dev] Multithread support

M. Pabis unilhexium at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 15:37:56 PST 2015


I recently had to encode few hours of desktop stream with Theora and I
noticed it used only one core for encoding. Was I missing something? I did
not find any "thread" options.

As I dig, I found there was a multithread patch back in 2007, and some
ffmpeg2theora-multithread commits, but it looks like all this was dropped.
Am I right?

If the multithreading encoding was dropped out, may I ask why?

I think I could dedicate some of my free time to bring multithreading to
the Theora encoder but I would like to ensure not to be redundant ;-)

Thanks in advance for answers.
Mateusz Pabis
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