[theora-dev] Theora integration question

Engineering ee at athyriogames.com
Mon Oct 15 17:03:05 PDT 2012

Thanks, Ralph

I would assume frame 0 is always a keyframe, but I will use that to
doublecheck at loadtime. I am working on a known dataset of movies which do
not change


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> From: Ralph Giles [mailto:giles at thaumas.net]
> Yes. The decoder needs two reference frame buffers (the keyframe and
> the
> previously-decoded frame) to reconstruct the current frame during
> decoding. Keyframes, by definition, are not predicted from any previous
> frame data, so as long as you feed in a keyframe first after the switch
> you should get clean output.
> You can use th_packet_iskeyframe() to verify this behaviour at runtime.
>  -r

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