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Maciej Mączyński maciejm at sims.pl
Wed Apr 25 01:37:38 PDT 2012


I'd like to compile splayer.c from revision 11431 in Visual Studio 2008 on Windows XP. Module splayer.c requires PortAudio. I'm trying to build Portaudio for Windows using Microsoft Visual Studio:

I did step 1 and part of step 2.

Step 2 says:
"Copy the entire ASIOSDK2 folder into src\hostapi\asio\."

Where is the src\hostapi\asio\ folder? Should I create it? If so, where exactly?

Point 4 says:
"If you have Visual Studio 2005, Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition or Visual Studio 2010, double click the portaudio.sln file located in build\msvc\."

Where are the portaudio.sln file and the build\msvc\ folder? There aren't these elements in the \theora\win32\experimental\splayer\portaudio\ folder and anywhere else on my hard disk.

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