[theora-dev] DCT in Theora

Alexander Lubyagin lubyagin at yandex.ru
Mon Mar 28 10:11:32 PDT 2011

> There is no function oc_enc_fdct8x8. It's a macro, which usually calls a 
> platform-specific version via _enc->opt_vtable.fdct8x8, though on some 
> platforms, it will call a specific version directly (e.g., 
> oc_enc_fdct8x8_x86_64sse2 on x86-64). All of the functions with 
> platform-specific accelerated versions work like this. If you want to 
> force oc_enc_fdct8x8_c (the unaccelerated version) to be called, then 
> build without assembly optimizations enabled (e.g., pass --disable-asm 
> to configure).

Yes,  I forgot about the files x86/sse2*.c
Function oc_enc_fdct8x8_x86_64sse2() now visible in my debug messages.

Thanks, Timothy.

 Alexander Lubyagin

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