[theora-dev] Time in video file

Richard Watts rrw at kynesim.co.uk
Tue Mar 15 12:14:32 PDT 2011

On 15/03/11 19:10, Richard Watts wrote:
>> In order to generate a VFR theora file at a minimum you will need to
>> stuff the stream with zero byte packets for the skipped frames (of
>> course, libtheora will do this for you if you just keep feeding
>> duplicates. If you do this yourself you'll break the granpos
>> accounting and rate control).  Otherwise frames will be displayed at
>> the wrong time, especially in any case where multiple frames are
>> contained on the same ogg page.
> This, however, is just broken as a design. However, I doubt that anyone
> here will be prepared to listen to reason (or indeed do anything other
> than simply rail at me), so I shall shut up and leave you to your
> 1000fps frame-dupping. Good luck with that.

  (also, note that Bjoern is not (necessarily) talking about VFR, though
this is somewhat hard to discern since the Theora spec seems not to
take into account the difference between how fast your clock is running
and how many fps you are attempting to sample at)


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