[theora-dev] [theora] ffmpeg2theora 0.28 released

j at v2v.cc j at v2v.cc
Thu Aug 4 03:15:00 PDT 2011

> * text output is now colourful (was white in <= 0.27)
please file a bug with information on the input used and some example

> * "est size" is broken, says "-0.0 MB" ... (was OK in 0.27)
all files or only for some inputs? please file a bug too.

> * imports from "AVICAP32.DLL" (0.27 did not have this
>   issue, some earlier 0.2xx versions had, now it's back ...)
this is due to avisynth support, does it cause problems,
could you file a bug with more information what the issue is.



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