[theora-dev] idct8x8 C version in libtheora1.1 release

chandramouli narayanan nc.n.mouli at gmail.com
Tue May 18 09:41:36 PDT 2010

When using the IDCT routines, the C version [ lib/idct.c:
oc_idct8x8_c(ogg_int16_t _y[64],int _last_zzi)] in libtheora 1.1.1, the
decoded image is garbled. Is it functionally equivalent to the MMX optimized
version [lib/x86/mmxidct.c: oc_idct8x8_mmx(ogg_int16_t _y[64],int
_last_zzi)] ?

I used some of the Theora video files from here:
http://wiki.xiph.org/index.php/List_of_Theora_videos for testing with
firefox browser. For testing purposes, I called the C version of IDCT
routine instead of the MMX optimized version. Is there any documentation on
the IDCT algorithm used in Theora library?

- mouli
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