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	Is the encoding control command TH_ENCCTL_SET_DUP_COUNT compatible with the TH_ENCCTL_SET_VP3_COMPATIBLE setting?	I don't see why it couldn't be but when I try it, I get a lot of green in my video.  The funny thing is that there are occasionally long (in comparison, like a second or so) periods where the video is fine.  This is remarkable because, as a test, I encoded video with double the frame rate but double the frames using TH_ENCCTL_SET_DUP_COUNT so if there were a problem, you'd expect that problem to be consistent and ubiquitous.	However, that's not what I'm seeing.  The green is prevalent but there are short periods where it seems to work in TH_ENCCTL_SET_VP3_COMPATIBLE mode.	Can anyone shed any light on this?	Thank you...
	Incidentally, I'm sorry if this post is poorly formatted.  I'm beginning to think that hotmail is an awful mail client...	...and thank you all for your help so far! 		 	   		  

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