[theora-dev] Cortado gapless looping

Gregor Richards Richards at codu.org
Sat Feb 6 08:53:50 PST 2010

(Sorry, I registered from one email address then sent this from another 
email address ... sending this from the correct one now, sorry if it 
eventually goes through twice)

I'm wondering if it would be feasible to add gapless looping support to
Cortado. Specifically I'm interested in gapless looping of Vorbis audio
(as background music for a web game). To be clear, I don't want
crossfading, overlap or anything like that, I want the first sample of a
audio file to follow the last sample, and so forth.

I've been looking in to adding it myself, but I'm not used to Java
enough to digest a project that complex. So I'm hoping that somebody
with more indepth knowledge of Cortado could give me some tips on where
I need to add it. I figure there are a few possible places ... there
could be a class that abstracts an ogg file and presents it as a stream
of the same ogg file over and over again, or at a higher level whatever
is buffering the audio could understand how to reread any file type ...
but I'm not sure where or how to implement either of these :)

Any help appreciated.

- Gregor Richards

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