[theora-dev] [ogg-dev] handling multitrack Ogg

Timothy B. Terriberry tterribe at email.unc.edu
Tue Feb 2 06:24:49 PST 2010

Conrad Parker wrote:
> The general idea here is to avoid having a global table of groupings,
> but to have the equivalent information distributed through the headers
> for each track. The purpose of that is that a single track could be
> removed from or added to a file without rewriting the information for
> the other tracks.

If it's done in the skeleton, and just maps to the serialno in the rest
of the streams, I don't see much difference in computational complexity
between making minor edits and completely regenerating the skeleton
header. There may be a code complexity difference. This is something
where, if you want adoption, you're going to have to keep the design as
dead-simple as possible.

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