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ZikZak zikzakfr at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 21:21:27 PDT 2010

On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 5:38 AM, Stuart Fisher <stuart.fisher at fig7.com>wrote:

>  So I wanted to make smaller versions of Big Buck Bunny and Elephants
> Dream.
> So I download the original files (.png and .flac).
> I had a look in the examples folder and saw that there was a png2theora.c.
> Perfect, that's what I need. Except that it doesn't do audio. Ok then, let's
> have a look at encoder_example.c. That does handle audio (wav not flac), but
> expects the video in some YUV encoded format and not png. Some googling
> later I give up. There doesn't seem any easy way to convert a folder full of
> pngs to YUV4MPEG. So I try plan B.
> Plan B: "If you want something doing..."
> I downloaded the flac libs and got the .flac files converted to wavs (I had
> to edit the flac decoder example to make a 24 bit version, but that wasn't
> too much of a problem).
> Several hours of hacking later I have a version of png2theora that will
> also take a wav file as input :-)
> I currently only have a MSVC version as that's the environment I've got (I
> know I should get gcc at some point, but that's not going to happen right
> now). If anybody wants this please let me know. Maybe it could be added to
> the examples folder?


Why not simply using oggz-merge to merge your OGG Vorbis soundtrack and your
OGG Theora videotrack ?

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