[theora-dev] Possible inefficiency in encode.c

Chris Cooksey chriscooksey at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 14:40:43 PDT 2009


I am very new to Theora, having just started working through the code a few
weeks ago.

I am working on a requantization tool to reduce bit rates, hopefully on the
fly, for some video conferencing work.

As I was working through the encoding phase I noticed this line in encode.c:


It's around line 804, but I am working with 1.1b3 sources so it may have
moved a bit.

Anyway, I am thinking that this line might be an adequate substitute:


Because the tokens are now stored in separate per plane arrays instead of
all strung together in one big array like they used to be. I presume the
point of doing that was to eliminate the need for dct_token_offs altogether.

I see dct_token_offs being used in a couple of other places too.

I could be wrong of course. Please don't beat this neophyte up if I am :-)


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