[theora-dev] Delayed pages ?

Romain Beauxis toots at rastageeks.org
Fri Jan 30 13:40:53 PST 2009

	Hi all !

I am experiencing a strange issue with the theora encoding process.

Apparently, when I put packets into the ogg stream, the pages are not returned 
immediately by ogg_stream_pageout. What happens seems that I get several 
pages at once later. 

This causes me trouble since then the pages are not properly placed with the 
other vorbis audio pages, leading to warnings in oggz-validate, telling me 
that the theora packets are not well-ordered.

The streams look good otherwise, in particular, the warning disappears if I 
extract them with oggzdump and remux then with oggzmerge. I can also see in 
the resulting stream that the theora pages are well-muxed with the vorbis 
pages in this case..

Am I missing something ? I can provide more details if needed.

Thanks for your help !


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