[theora-dev] Wikipedia article

Jonathan Harker jon at jon.geek.nz
Sun Aug 9 20:24:51 PDT 2009

Remco wrote:
> I think we can be confident enough that MPEG 1 and Dirac aren't
> patent-encumbered. The MPEG 1 patent situation is explained in the
> Wiki article for MPEG 1, and Dirac was made by the BBC and a license
> for its patents have been granted to the community. However, Dirac
> isn't exactly mature (or is it?), and MPEG 1 is already showing signs
> of decomposition. ;)

That's an interesting point :-) It seems to me that if Dirac is "mature"
enough to run the BBC Olympic Games coverage, then it's good enough for
jazz. On the other hand, the BBC were running dedicated hardware rather
than software implementations.

>>> Are there really only two video editors capable of editing Theora?
>> There are bits of the article I have left because I don't know whether
>> its accurate and haven't researched it.
> Of course. Don't view my comments as criticism of you. :) I'm only
> commenting on the article. It may very well be true that there
> currently are only two video editors with Theora-support. I was mainly
> asking this here on the list, so that someone could refute that idea.

No worries :-) I was tempted to mention the Google purchase of On2 but
left that out too, since any relevance to Theora at this stage is pure

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