[theora-dev] libtheora 1.1beta1 release

rastersoft raster at rastersoft.com
Sun Aug 9 15:28:25 PDT 2009

Hi all:

> For those wanting to try out the new encoder without compiling
> something, there are new nightly builds of ffmpeg2theora available,
> based on the 1.1 code at http://firefogg.org/nightly/

I downloaded ffmpeg2theora.linux there and tested it, but I must have
been doing something incorrectly, because the result is somewhat odd.

I tested it with the videoclips "Destination Unknown", from Alex
Gaudino, and "Ella Elle'La" from Kate Ryan (no jokes, please :)

When I set the quality only with -v (like -v 10) then all goes really
fine: the quality is very good and is very fast. There are no problems.

Unfortunately, to work with two-passes I must set a bitrate with -V, and
there starts the problems: using -V 3000 (which, with the original
theora 1.0 encoder gives a good picture quality), doing single-pass,
the video gets very blocky when there's an scene change or the people in
the video moves too abruptly (and I mean VERY blocky; it's absolutely

Using two-passes with -V it's much better in general, very good quality,
but in one point, in "Destination Unknown", near the end it gets very
blocky for six-seven seconds. "Ella Elle'La" is fine from start to end.

The command line I used for single-pass was:

fmpeg2theora DestinationCalabria_XviD.avi -o test_1pass.ogv -V 3000 -A
128 --optimize

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