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Sun Aug 9 05:31:55 PDT 2009

On Sun, Aug 9, 2009 at 2:16 PM, rastersoft <raster at rastersoft.com> wrote:

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> Hi all:
> I'm testing thusnelda and I'm trying to use the two-pass feature, but
> when I try it with
> /usr/bin/ffmpeg2thusnelda  /home/raster/Escritorio/devede/holidays\ at\
> galicia.mpg  -o  /home/raster/output.ogv  -v  10  -a  10  --optimize
> - --first-pass  /home/raster/output.ogv.firstpass_data
> I receive the error
> Could not set up the first pass of two-pass mode.
> Did you remember to specify an estimated bitrate?
> Does that mean that, when using two-passes, I must set a video bitrate,
> and cannot rely only in the -v and -a parameters?
> I've been searching in google but can't find info about this.
> Thanks.


Yes you have to use the -V  switch, and you can also use the -v switch to
specify a minimum quality at the same time.
Encoding the sound in the firstpass is useless from what I experienced with

I use the following:
./encoder_example --soft-target -v 7 -V 3397 --two-pass --first-pass
"$VIDEO".pass stream.yuv -o "$VIDEO".ogv
./encoder_example --soft-target -v 7 -V 3397 --two-pass --second-pass
"$VIDEO".pass -a -1 stream.wav stream.yuv -o "$VIDEO".ogv

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