[theora-dev] further debugging of my ogg/theora decoder

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Tue Nov 18 03:34:58 PST 2008

2008/11/18 Ralph Giles <giles at xiph.org>:
> On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 2:21 AM, salsaman <salsaman at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Right, that is what I would expect. I think I will write an ogg file checker
>> that checks all granulepos and keyframes to make sure the problem is not in
>> my test files. Some of the files were created with older versions of the
>> encoder. For example I have one file where I need to subtract 2 from all
>> keyframe values in order for it to decode properly.
> Hmm. Some of the alpha encoder releases recorded the frame index, not
> the frame count. Such stream declare their version to be 3.2.0 instead
> of 3.2.1 as in the current theora spec.

if that error causes application problems, it would be good to warn
about in oggz-validate, and to make a tool that fixes such files.
Mike's eos fixer (liboggz/src/examples/fix-eos.c) would be useful code
to start from.


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