[theora-dev] building theora for windows

Thorsten Klammer mail at thorstenklammer.de
Mon Jun 30 09:24:06 PDT 2008


I’m trying to build a static theora library for windows from sources with
Visual Studio Express.
Building the ogg-library was a piece of cake, but after converting the
project-files for theora, I still get numerous errors, such as:
fatal error C1083: Datei (Quelle) kann nicht geöffnet werden:
"..\..\..\lib\dec\x86_vc\x86state.c": No such file or directory mmxstate.c

Probably it's just a problem with path-variables incorrectly set, but I'm no
real fan of the Visual C environment and I therefore unfortunately just have
rudimentary knowledge with that kit and can't fix it. I'm just trying to
build a JNI interface library that will incorporate the freeimage library
and theora for a video-compression/decompression test with java. I would be
very grateful if someone could give me an step-by-step tutorial to compile
the library or even better yet, just give me a link for a already compiled
version as I think that I won't be the only one who would be grateful for
pre-compiled download version.

Thx a lot,
Thorsten Klammer

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