[theora-dev] Simple decoder (keyframe only) implementation ?

Nicolas R. f1iqf at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 18 07:27:51 PDT 2008

Hello everybody !
I am working on a php class to enable, on the server-side, to extract useful data from Ogg theora videos. http://opensource.grisambre.net/ogg . 
I need to have it extract a thumbnail picture from a video (much like dailymotion or youtube). Right now, I am doing it using the ffmpeg-php extension (for picture extraction only), but the problem is that this module is available on very few php servers.
I am (still) trying to make a very simple implementation, for INTRA frames only, using the official theora documentation and going step by step. But I am feeling like doing everything from scratch, like reinventing the wheel, with many difficulties due to my lack of knowledge on video coding. And most of the time I have difficulties understanding some particular point of the process, and the actual theora svn code source is very difficult to corelate with the theora documentation (not same vocabulary, names of variables, way of decoding...)...
My question is: has anyone done any simple decoder, for a single keyframe, in any structured langage I could reuse the code (c, c++, php, python, perl, java, anything ?)
Thank you very much in advance...

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