[theora-dev] Change the time of setting video compression parameters.

Nuwan Millawitiya millawitiya at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 21:03:14 PST 2008

                   I am planing to set video compression parameters such as
video_q, sharpness, keyframe_frequency at *every keyframe (I frame)
generation*. [Not only send through identification header initially]. This
is because I am planing to change these parameters dynamically according to
the available bandwidth.

                   In the encoder example, this compression is done by the
function theora_encode_YUVin and theora_encode_YUVin is done this by using
the functions CompressFirstFrame,CompressKeyFrame,CompressFrame that are
exsists in the encoder_toplevel. Do I have to change these
CompressFirstFrame, CompressKeyFrame, CompressFrame functions for set video
compression parameters at key fame generation. If so how should I change
these functions. Otherwise how can I do this work.

                   I think, i have to change the header also for do this. It
is better if you can say me how should i change the header format for
minimum changes for whole code.

Please help me.

Nuwan Millawitiya
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