[theora-dev] What are the theora installation files

buddhika priyadarshana buddhika.priya at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 22:46:41 PST 2008

hi all,

I am using Ubuntu 7.04 version.
please can anyone tell me what are the files that copy in to a computer when
it install.

the following are the some of observations i got.

After installing the theora it will copy the required files to the following
places (default) according to the configure script.

    libtheora: ................... /usr/local/lib
    C header files: .............. /usr/local/include/theora
    Documentation: ............... /usr/local/share/doc/libtheora

so when i check the /usr/local/lib there were following files there

After uninstall theora still there was a remaining file "
libtheora.so.0.2.0". so why it was not removed...?

And threre were some libtheora files in the /usr/lib directory also.


after uninstall theora any of these were not removed
so what are them..? are they the libraries which was added with players...?
Because I have installed several players.( VLC, MPlayer)

Buddhika Priyadarshana
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